Eileen A. Fahey

Chief Risk Officer
New York

Eileen Fahey is Chief Risk Officer for Fitch Group. Appointed in June 2017, Ms. Fahey oversees Fitch Group's risk management function, which includes reviewing, monitoring and addressing the multitude of risks that can impact the group's performance and reputation.

Ms Fahey and her team form the 2nd Line of defense for Fitch Group’s risks including credit, operational and compliance risks. The Chief Credit, Criteria and Compliance officers report to Ms Fahey.

Ms. Fahey joined Fitch Ratings in 1998, most recently serving as Chief Credit Officer, a role she held since 2015. In that capacity she managed a team of regional and group credit officers who oversaw ratings, quality assurance, credit market commentary and macro research. Prior to that, as Regional Credit Officer for the Americas she played an important role in helping evolve Fitch’s credit policy in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Her nearly-20 year tenure at Fitch has included a variety of other roles including credit officer for the Insurance, Fund and Asset Manager, and REITs group, where she oversaw the development and application of credit rating criteria and participated in ratings committees. She joined Fitch as a credit analyst for the financial institutions group and subsequently managed the teams focused on investment and money center banks, and asset management firms.

Prior to joining Fitch, Ms. Fahey was a National Bank Examiner with the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), where she was a member of the multinational banking group, examining capital markets and trading operations of U.S. money center banks.

Ms. Fahey received a BA in business and economics from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, and has been a chartered financial analyst (CFA) charter holder since 1994.

Eileen A. Fahey